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  • Risk of Falling

    I feel we’re close enough.
    I wanna lock in your love.
    I think we’re close enough.
    Could I lock in your love baby?


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    Etam Cru’s “Dream Catcher.”

    Etam Cru’s latest mural, “Dream Catcher,” was put up recently over the course of 5 days by Cru members Bezt and Sainer over in Poland for Europejska Fundacja Kultury Miejskiej and Brain Damage Gallery’sLFG: All My City ‘14.”

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  • Palawan From the Air


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    • will you runaway with me tonight?
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  • manongballog:

    Okay. Nung ako kasi yung magffreshman, naghahanap din ako ng college tips especially yung authored ng galing sa school na papasukan ko para fully relevant talaga. Kaya naman di ko na bibiguin yung mga susunod na din.

    *Ang post na ito ay nakatuon para sa mga main campus studs.


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  • katcakes:

    Food Adventure at Baguio City, Philippines.

    Hey everyone! So if you all remember, I’m currently spending two weeks in the Philippines and it’s been great so far sight seeing and visiting a range of tourist hot spots.

    Our first official stop over was Baguio City’s Mines View Park. The main market area welcomes tourists with a street food atmosphere. Here, we sampled a range of common delicacies and popular street food in the Philippines including Kwek Kwek (hard boiled quail egg deep-fried and covered in an orange batter), fish ball, Strawberry Puto Bumbong (a sticky, glutinous rice cake covered in coconut), Kikiam (sausage topped with a spicy or sweet sauce) and Taho (a dessert of fresh tofu, sago pearls and sweet flavouring).

    Baguio is well known for growing fresh strawberries, so you’ll discover many strawberry varieties of Filipino desserts. 

    For the daring, try the One Day Old chicken. If you can handle Balut, you can handle this! I refused to try it though.

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